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Dynamic Structures
in an Open Cosmos

Stigmergy and Vortices

The crisis in physics is caused by its attachment to the Catholic faith through the peer review system and the various unsubstantiated speculations about symmetries.
Now Pope Francis has released this bond with the groundbreaking sentence: „In this universe, which is made up of open systems that communicate with one another, we can discover innumerable forms of relationship and participation. “ This gives a new view of the physics with its energy dissipation.
In this way we can apply Iljy Prigogine’s ideas on the thermodynamics of open systems to dynamic vortex structures in an open cosmos. Mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics merge with Maxwell’s and Stokes‘ equations to form a unit for dynamics.
We recognize the vortex as the basic structure of every dynamic from the macrocosm of the galaxies to the microcosm of the atoms. The prerequisite for every dynamic is a potential and thus an asymmetry in the movement of a vortex filament. By renouncing speculation, only the elementary charge remains in this world view as the cause for the driving forces of world’s dynamics. We know better the actual image of the cosmos but we can’t see neither a beginning nor an end of our world. That remain in the mysterious fog of faith.